Wood & Laminate Flooring

Wood Flooring is a timeless classic that provides elegance and gives your home an instant and lasting upgrade. Laminate offers the same benefits with higher durability.

Wood & Laminate Floors

Wood Flooring is a timeless classic that provides elegance and gives your home an instant, and lasting, upgrade.  Laminate floors offer many of the same elegance and benefits of wood, but with higher durability and scratch resistance.

It is important to consider the Florida climate when weighing out your options between wood, laminate and even luxury vinyl. For example, the high humidity of our Florida weather needs to be taken into account when you're deciding between these flooring options.

Wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity and is not waterproof.  However, wood flooring has always been a beautiful upgrade to any home that adds tremendous value.  The maintenance and upkeep that would be required include:

  • Sanding and Refinishing every several years
  • Using wood-safe cleaning products
  • Increased maintenance if you own pets

If you want the beauty of wood flooring, without the maintenance and hassle, laminate may be your better option.  In the Florida humidity, moisture and water still need to be accounted for when considering laminate.  While it's important to note the benefits below, it may not be the best option for the Florida climate. Some of the benefits of laminate include:

  • Harder, more durable surface
  • Increased water resistance (not completely waterproof).  
  • Lower cost

At G3 Flooring Designs, we're here to explain the pros and cons of each material so you can arrive at the best decision for your home.